Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pink Peacock Clinic!!!! with the correct date!!!!!



Eastvale Equestrian (formerly Hidden River Ranch)

8:30-12:30 July 9, 2011

This is a very unique opportunity to learn new ways to use your body for riding!

How many times have you been told to use your seat leg and hand? How many times has some one told you HOW to use them? Which muscles do you use to control your aids?

Kendel Pink and Susan Hoffman Peacock combine their unique knowledge and skills to give you useful and proven techniques to utilize biomechanics in your everyday riding!!

This is an unmounted clinic!!

Kendel will show you how to use your body and build symmetry.

Susan will share unmounted games to let you practice your new skills!!


Location: Susan’s home
8312 Grapewin St.
Eastvale, CA 92880

Cost: $112.00 includes lunch

Please reserve you spot right away!!! 909-227-6404 Suzie

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Where is Suzie…

June 12, 2011

Pink Peacock Clinic @ Hanson Dam Equestrian Center –CA

Susan Hoffman Peacock teaches dressage and rider Biomechanics while Kendel Pink teaches Body awareness and Symmetry. These two great instructors have been working together designing the perfect combination for riders of all levels. A MUST CLINIC!!
Contact Erin Blazick 707-953-1227

June 26, 2011

Pomona Chapter Dressage Show
Both Susan and her students will be showing at this competition

July 2-3

PA Clinic at Silvercrest Farm
This clinic still has openings and stabling is available.
Contact Audrey 724-612-3860

July 9,2011

Pink Peacock Clinic at my home in Eastvale CA!
ONE DAY Clinic with Kendel Pink
Visit My Farm and work on Biomechanics.
Contact Suzie Peacock 909-227-6404

Aug 7,2011

Pomona Chapter show
Both Susan and her students will be showing at this competition

Aug 13-14

My students and I will be showing

Aug 20-21

Hanson Dam Dressage Show
Both Susan and her students will be showing at this competition

Aug 27-28

PA Clinic at Silvercrest Farm
This clinic still has openings and stabling is available.
Contact Audrey 724-612-3860

Sept. 1-14

UK Clinics

Kettering Michelle Peers-Ross

Somerset –Clinic Organizer Cath Howes (Equine body worker/therapist-AWESOME!)

Northern UK-Pendle Equestrian Clinic organizer Lynda Rigg (Amazing Acupuncturist and body worker!)))

Sept 16-18

Ohio Fall Dressage Camp at Grand Haven Stables Jefferson Ohio


Susan Hoffman Peacock
8312 Grapewin St.
Eastvale, CA 92880

International Clinician specializing in her own method of Biomechanics for Riders and Dressage Horse Training.
Currently teaching USA and UK Clinics

First So. California Trainer to earn USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer;
Training-2nd Level
2nd-4th level (highest offered)

Owner and Trainer Eastvale Equestrian in Eastvale, California
Training all levels of riders and breeds of horses; Est. 1999

Currently competing in dressage through FEI Levels

Successful Dressage Trainer Apprentice Program

Featured Instructor on

Winner of multiple USEF HOY Awards

Popular Guest Lecturer including Presenter at 2000 USPC - SPURS (Susan Peacock Ultimate Riding System) Program

Recipient of The Dressage Foundation Major Anders Lindgren Scholarship in 2000 for training in Germany

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It never moved!

My last blog never moved to Horse!!! I'm at the Conrad Schumacher Clinic having a Great Time! Updates to come!!!

So Here it is again!!!


April 20, 2011

I am overwhelmed by the incredible support and compliments that my video clips on horse heroes have been receiving! A huge Thank You to; Sally for being a wonderful and generous student, her father for once again allowing me to teach at his amazing Kingfisher, to Cath Howes (Fabulous UK Equine Therapist) for the introductions and to Fiona and her staff for the opportunity to work with such a professional crew.

I am back in the States working hard to catch up on all here at home. My apprentice, Greer did a wonderful job in my absence. All of the clients are still happy and the horses are well schooled. I am just about ready to head up the state (7 hour drive) to Clovis for a riding clinic with Conrad Schumacher. I have been fortunate to ride in his clinics for almost 10 years now. Wow! He is incredible!!! I will be riding Fenian and Erin Blazick (apprentice graduate) will be taking Darby. Both are Prix St. George horses that I train here at home. I will be taking LOTS of notes so I can share what I learn!!! Watch out, lessons are always tougher when I return from my training sessions!! :)

Vagabond, aka; Hobo (my big pinto) is doing great! He tried to convince me that no one gave him cookies while I was away. I don’t believe him one bit. I give him extra anyway!! We started working Tempi changes this week. There was lots of flying and lots of changes, if you know what I mean. He really enjoyed the work and obviously was proud of his new skill set!!! LOL!!!

I’m trying to schedule my return to the UK for September 2011. I will keep everyone posted on how that is progressing.

Thank you for making me feel right at home at!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where's Suzie

So many people have been asking where to find me while teaching and showing that I thought the blog spot might be helpful!!


This weekend Jeff and Jill Shirley's Fenian and I are going to show at Hanson Dam Equestrian Center

Sat.9:33AM PSG

March 27-26 I'm in PA at Silvercrest Farm

March 29-April 13,2011 I'm in The UK

April 2-3 Northamptonshire

April 4-5 Sommerset area and filming for Horse Heroes!!!!

End of April I get to ride with Conrad Schumacher in Clovis at Renee Johnson's!!!

Please Email me if you are interested in finding me!!!!

April 8-10 Dumfries Scotland

Monday, December 13, 2010


James Shaw is not coming to my farm this Sat and Sunday Dec.18-19, 2010!!If you were planning on auditing the clinic you are welcome to come by to see me teach from 9-12.

Please rsvp 909-227-6404 so we don't miss you!!!

After 12:00 we will be holiday shopping.....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LOCATED IN EASTVALE,CA at Eastvale Equestrian formerly Hidden River Ranch

I am still at my original location no matter what the search engines say!!!!

I am located in the new city of Eastvale, CA. (We used to be a section of Corona but we just became a city!!!!)To celebrate city-hood we are changing our name to Eastvale Equestrian from Hidden River Ranch.
Call me at the same old number; 909-227-6404-suzie

We are located in between 4 major freeways;

91 FWY (Corona) is South of us

15 FWY (Norco) is East of us

71 FWY (Chino) is on our West

60 FWY (Ontario) is just North of us

I have never been located at Hanson Dam!! Erin Blazick one of my wonderful Apprentice Graduates is located there though! If you are in her area look her up! She's great!!!
Erin Blazick 707-953-1227

Sorry for any confussion